Maximize Cash Flow & Working Capital. Quickly.

Cash and liquidity forecasting used to be a mess of spreadsheets and scattered data. nCREAS™ FinTech makes it simple.

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Liquidity & Forecasting Capabilities. Integrated.

nCREAS™ FinTech was created by cash flow and liquidity modeling experts as part of an analytics-as-a-service that redefines insights and efficiency. Finance professionals can now spend more time solving problems and less time “counting beans.”

The twin goals of cash flow and liquidity management are increasingly important in times of uncertainty. And with healthcare organizations feeling heightened financial pressure from all directions, actionable cash flow intelligence has never been more important.

Improve Cash Position

Take Command of Your Cash Flow

For many hospitals, 75% of the work that goes into analyzing cash and liquidity is manually compiling source data and rolling over Excel models. Now you can proactively anticipate liquidity and funding needs with nCREAS™ Fintech.

  • Better Business Decisions

  • Working Capital Insights

  • Monitor Liquidity & Leverage Caps

Cash Flow Direct

Why nCREAS™ FinTech?

  • Efficient Forecasts

    Reduce the need to manually create and update projections and spreadsheets.

  • Accurate Forecasts

    Built for teams that want to true-up gross charges to expected net realizable patient revenue.

  • Smarter Forecasts

    Predictive and prescriptive analytics make forecasts smarter.

  • Timely Forecasts

    Identify liquidity and working capital needs and operating cash targets.

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Easily view, create or adjust your forecasts to deliver critical cash insights—and make better business decisions, faster.

Disciplined cash management will be required as healthcare finance professionals face increasing liquidity pressures. Replace traditional forecasts with dynamic analytics to better understand and manage cash flows.

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